Free Online Video Interview Tools

Keep your recruitment going!

CareerJunction is offering free video interview software to support you while recruiting and working remotely.

Use CareerJunction Video Interviewing to quickly assess candidates without the need for a face-to-face meeting. Whatever the role, wherever you're based - hire the people you need with CareerJunction.

Step 1: Fill and sent the form

Step 1

Fill in and send the form.

Step 2: Client Services sets you up.


Step 2

Our Client Service team calls you and set you up.

Step 3: Interview and Hire.


Step 3

Get started: Interview and hire applicants via video.


Live or pre-set

Hold live interviews or ask candidates to answer your pre-set questions.

Easy and 100% personalised

Set up interviews in minutes tailored to your roles or brand.

Team work

Score and compare candidates with your colleagues.
Set up interviews in minutes tailored to your roles or brand.

Any time, any device

Conduct interviews at any time or on any device that suits both you and the candidate.

Video and text

Create video or text questions for candidates to respond to with a video recording.

Structured Interviews

Engage candidates with a structured interview in a fair, efficient process.

Share with colleagues

Share interviews with colleagues. No need to arrange additional follow-up interviews.

Video Interviewing Terms & Conditions.