Careers Interface

The applicant tracking system that works for you

A personalised Careers Interface lets you create a careers site that is true to your culture and identity, and grow a searchable database of quality candidates

  • Embracing the full power of a Careers Interface ATS. CI (Careers Interface) will simplify your recruitment process and improve your organisations recruitment performance

  • Let us design your custom made career site to showcase your brand and employer values and include all your latest positions

  • Create and manage all your job ads in one central place. Post your jobs to multiple boards, simultaneously

  • Manage your applications and candidates with a fully-fledged recruitment management system

  • Stay on top of your recruitment processes with a cloud-based solution that is accessible 24/7, from your computer, tablet or cellphone

  • Share shortlisted candidate responses on system with the recruitment manager/s for review, rating, and comments. Schedule your interviews directly from the Careers Interface

Careers Interface

Upgrade your Careers Interface with our additional modules

Internal Module
  • Publish your adverts to internal staff
  • Let us design your custom-made internal career site to showcase your brand and employer values and includes all your latest positions
  • Track employee applications during the recruitment process
  • Send email notifications to your employees on any new positions
Requisition Module
  • Customizable requisition forms to meet your business requirements
  • Customize your requisitions workflow
  • Approve from any device (mobile, desktop or laptop)
  • Approve by receipt of an email notification or on system
Review Process
Upgrade the review process on the shortlist stage to be able to:
  • Share candidate responses on any status in your recruitment workflow with the recruitment managers for review, rating, and comments and/or
  • Share all candidate responses on an advert with the recruitment managers for review, rating, and comments
Vendor Module
  • Publish adverts to 3rd party vendors/agencies
  • Allows vendors to apply to a position on behalf of candidates
  • Track vendor applications through the workflow
  • Report on vendor activity
  • Vendors may track the application status of their candidates

What can you expect from a world-class ATS?

CI (Careers Interface) is a careers site that will supercharge your recruitment with various advertising and candidate management services

Resonates your brand
Careers site that resonates your brand
Manage on various job boards
Create and manage job ads on various job boards
Simplified ATS
A simplified Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
Anytime, anywhere, on the cloud
Access anytime, anywhere, on the cloud
Modular design enables multiple capabilities
Modular design enables even more recruitment capabilities