CareerJunction Training

What we'll be covering

Identify the services and tools offered. Identify CareerJunction's associates and how it will benefit you. Understand the benefits of the extended coverage and reach on offer. Analyse skills availability and shortages in SA. Understand all our recruiter tools. Learn how to capture online job adverts and save job templates. Learn how to apply filtering to receive the best responses. Learn how to do a basic CV search and set up email alerts.

Job Writing

Job Writing

  • Primary purpose of advertising.
  • Apply AIDA rule of advertising to job ads.
  • Writing job titles that work.
  • Determine the length of your job ad.
  • Best times to post jobs on CareerJunction.
  • What not to do when advertising.
  • Online job ad writing tips.
Search Workshop

Search Workshop

  • Steps to follow when searching.
  • Correct matching options to find CVs.
  • How and when to apply filters.
  • CV reach / results tools & features
  • Think before you search.
  • What not to do when you search
  • Setup / save searches & email alerts.

Prerequisites for training courses and workshops

Agency Training

  • General computer literacy skills.

  • Sound knowledge of using an internet browser.

  • English language - read / write / speak / understand.

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