Recruiter Training

Identify the services and tools offered. Identify CareerJunction's associates and how it will benefit you. Understand the benefits of the extended coverage and reach on offer. Analyse skills availability and shortages in SA. Understand all our recruiter tools. Learn how to capture online job adverts and save job templates. Learn how to apply filtering to receive the best responses. Learn how to do a basic CV search and set up email alerts.

Job Posting Training

Job Advertising Workshop

Who should attend?

Any New or Existing CareerJunction User who would like to learn how to post job adverts and use response handling tools.

  • Quick job post

  • System generated auto-match to job requirements

  • Star rated job seekers

  • Filter job matches

  • Filter leads, invites and applicants

  • Profile summary and full view

  • Comprehensive job reports

CV Search Workshop

CV Search Workshop

Who should attend?

Any New or Existing CareerJunction User who has not attended any of our training sessions before.

  • How to enter your search criteria

  • How to apply your search criteria

  • How the search criteria are matched

  • How search results are displayed

  • How to search within a search using keywords

  • How to narrow results using filters

  • Profile summary and full view

  • How to auto-save searches

  • How to create daily alerts

  • How to transfer searches to other users

  • Comprehensive search reports

Training Prerequisites

  • General computer literacy skills

  • Sound knowledge of using an internet browser

  • Read / write / speak / understand the English language